Your Ottawa Bluesfest Survival Guide


Ottawa Bluesfest, one of Canada's largest music festivals, has been a staple of the city's summer entertainment scene for decades. Held annually in July, the festival attracts thousands of music lovers to LeBreton Flats Park for a diverse lineup of local and international artists.

This year, experience 11 days of musical delight with an extraordinary lineup featuring a diverse range of artists that will cater to every musical taste. Headlining the festival are some of the biggest names in the industry, including Maroon 5 (July 7), Nickelback (July 5), 50 Cent (July 6), Carly Rae Jepsen (July 7), Zac Brown Band (July 10), Neil Young & Crazy Horse (July 11), Tyler Childers (July 12), Mötley Crüe (July 13), Nas (July 14), and more!

Here are some key tips to make the best of your Ottawa Bluesfest experience:

  1. Stay hydrated and seek shade. Bring a refillable water bottle and take advantage of free water refill stations. Find shaded areas or head to the chill zone to escape the heat.
  2. Dress appropriately for the weather. Wear cool, comfortable clothing and suitable footwear for long periods of standing.
  3. Arrive at a reasonable time. Don't line up too early in the heat, but don't arrive just before the main acts. Aim to get there between 5:30 and 6:30 PM.
  4. Bring cash. While most vendors accept cards, cash transactions are faster and help you monitor your spending.
  5. Pack snacks and a small umbrella. Unopened snacks are allowed; a small umbrella can provide shade or rain protection.
  6. Use public transit, walk or bike. Take advantage of the LRT's Pimisi Station or use the free, secure bicycle lockup. Hotel guests will be thrilled that reStays is located near Ottawa Bluesfest and LeBreton Flats. You can catch the LRT from the Parliament station and arrive within 14 minutes. You can also walk in 30 minutes or rent a bike on Sparks Street and get there in 10 minutes!
  7. Consider VIP tickets for popular shows to avoid crowding.
  8. Be prepared for security checks. Expect full-body pat-downs and bag searches at entry.
  9. Be respectful of others. Use good manners when navigating crowds, and be mindful of those around you.
  10. Stay informed. Use social media and the festival's mobile app to keep up with schedules and changes.
  11. Live it up! Remember to enjoy Ottawa Bluesfest's diverse music lineup and have fun while staying safe and comfortable throughout the festival.


Bluesfest Ottawa Photo: Ottawa Tourism