Our best spots: Lac Leamy Fireworks in Ottawa


As Ottawa comes alive with numerous attractions, festivals, and events year-round, one of the most magical experiences that locals and visitors alike look forward to each year is the spectacular Lac Leamy fireworks display over the Ottawa River. Hosted by the Casino du Lac Leamy, these fireworks illuminate the night sky with a breathtaking array of colors, leaving spectators in awe. If you want to witness this dazzling spectacle, here are some of the best places to watch the Lac Leamy fireworks in Ottawa.



For a truly unique experience of the Lac Leamy fireworks in Ottawa, look no further than reStays. When it comes to unparalleled views of the fireworks display, the reStays SkyLounge and its elevated position provide panoramic views of the Ottawa River and its surroundings.  Be captivated by the beauty that fills the sky, creating a mesmerizing display for those seeking an unforgettable evening. From our exclusive vantage point, experience a front-row seat of the Lac Leamy fireworks in Ottawa within our sophisticated ambiance. Savour the views and let the magic of the fireworks ignite your senses.

The Ottawa River Pathway

For an alternative perspective on the Lac Leamy Fireworks, venture to the Ottawa River Pathway for a more active and immersive experience. The pathway stretches along the river, offering several vantage points to view the fireworks from different angles. Find a cozy spot on the grass or a park bench with friends or loved ones as you wait for the show to begin and take in the beauty of this mesmerizing display.


Canadian Museum of History

The Canadian Museum of History offers an elevated perspective with its outdoor terraces and expansive grounds. It provides an unobstructed view of the fireworks display, illuminating the night sky over the Ottawa River. Before the show, visitors can explore the museum's exhibits and immerse themselves in Canada's rich history. As evening arrives, the museum's panoramic view transforms into a front-row seat to witness the show.

Nepean Point:

Nepean Point is a magnificent lookout behind the National Gallery of Canada, offering one of the most breathtaking views of the Lac Leamy Fireworks. Once the sun sets over the capital city, visitors gather at this elevated vantage point to witness the display. With the majestic Fairmont Château Laurier on one side and the stunning Notre-Dame Cathedral on the other, the setting couldn't be more picturesque. 

Alexandra Bridge:

The Alexandra Bridge, a historic pedestrian bridge connecting Ottawa to Gatineau, is not only an architectural marvel but also an ideal spot to experience the fireworks from a unique perspective. The central location of Alexandra Bridge offers a panoramic view, encompassing Parliament Hill, the historic buildings, and the riverbank.

Whether you're a local or a visitor, be sure to mark this incredible event on your calendars to witness the magic of this breathtaking spectacle at some of the best vantage points in the heart of the city and make your evening an unforgettable celebration of the city's vibrant spirit!


Photo credit: Roland Bastarache @rolandbast