Two-Bedroom Suites at reStays

Step Into Luxury Boutique Hotel Suites in Downtown Ottawa

Specialty Two-Bedroom Suites

Experience unrivalled luxury and city views in our Specialty Two-Bedroom Suites. With exquisitely furnished bedrooms and ample space, it's the perfect choice for families or friends seeking a seamless and memorable stay.

Specialty Two-Bedroom Tranquility Suite

The Specialty Two-Bedroom Tranquility Suite offers 1148 sq. ft. with plenty of room to relax. Step out onto the large wrap-around terrace and take in the panoramic views.

Specialty Two-Bedroom Corner Suite with Terrace

Enjoy the spaciousness of this 1070 sq. ft. Specialty Two-Bedroom Corner Suite with Terrace, complete with a fully-equipped kitchen island.

Signature Two-Bedroom Suites

Immerse yourself in history and luxury with our Signature Two-Bedroom Suites. Experience exceptional space across multiple levels and indulge in the unique charm of Sparks Street in these one-of-a-kind suites.

Signature Two-Storey Gourmet Heritage Loft

Our 1088 sq. ft. Signature Two-Storey Gourmet Heritage Loft is perfect for a friends or family getaway.

Signature Two-Storey Heritage Loft

Our 916 sq. ft. Signature Two-Storey Loft offers an exceptional space for a friends or family getaway - enjoy the historic charm of Sparks Street.

Signature Two-Bedroom Suites with Balconies

Elevate your stay with our luxurious Signature Two-Bedroom Suites with Balcony. Bask in the spaciousness of your accommodations while relishing in the views from your outdoor sanctuary.

Signature Two-Bedroom with Balcony

Experience an elevated stay with picturesque city views in our 973 sq. ft. Signature Two-Bedroom with Balcony. This suite overlooks the World Exchange Plaza and the National Arts Centre, immersing you in the vibrant urban atmosphere.

Signature Large Two-Bedroom with Balcony

Experience the tranquillity of a corner view overlooking our private courtyard on our 1026 sq. ft. Signature Large Two-Bedroom with Balcony. Step out onto the balcony and enjoy the peacefulness of your surroundings in this spacious two-bedroom suite.

Signature Deluxe Two-Bedroom with Balcony

Our Signature Deluxe Two-Bedroom with Balcony suite offers over 1054 sq. ft of elegantly designed living space, perfect for families.

Signature Two-Bedroom with Terrace

Designed with comfort in mind, our spacious 730 sq. ft. suites are perfect for friends, families and colleagues. Enjoy the large terrace with views of the Sparks Street skyline and a glimpse of Parliament Hill.